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Your application for the Gold Credit Card from American Express 1. PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING APPLICATION USING BLOCK LETTERS To ensure fast processing of your application please complete the following questions. Any increase will be subject to a review of your Account and we reserve the right to decline your balance transfer application should we decide not to increase your limit. Any increase will be advised in your statement and will be rounded up to the nearest 100. All payments to...
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When we hear all the statistics abouthow much money people owe you think thatanyone can get a new credit card anytimebut the truth is that not everyone getsapproved all the time here are just afew reasons whynumber one you already owe too much ifyou already have a lot of outstandingloans lines of credit or credit cardsit'll be harder to get more number twoif you've been seeking credit inmultiple places recently this is knownas credit seeking behavior and it canraise a red flag the first question thepotential lender will be thinking is whyis this person been so focused ongetting access to new credit do theyforesee a problem number three you mightnot meet the requirements of the cardthat you're applying for while yourcredit score may be fine some cards haveadditional criteria you need to meet inorder to qualify such as an income abovea certain amount for example if acertain card is only offered toindividuals with incomes over $100,000and your income is $50,000 you can havea perfect credit score and still not getapproved number four you may have anunstable employment history lenders likestability so if you're new to theworkforce have a history of changingjobs often or recently went from asalaried position to self-employmentyour odds of getting approved can belower number five there may be mistakesin your credit file it's possible thatyou don't get approved because yourcredit file is in poor condition but youmay not have been the person who didsomething wrong it could be that asimple clerical error was made and it'spossible you've unknowingly been avictim of fraud make sure to check yourcredit files on a regular basis foraccuracy number six you don't have muchexperience borrowing money if you're newto the country young or haven't usedcredit very much before it can be harderto qualify it's a bit of a catch-22 andthat you need to get credit in order todemonstrate that you can handle itproperly in this case the lender mightoffer you a lower limit than you appliedfor or you can seek a different cardwith lower limits and finally numbersevensometimes lenders will just lend outless money in general depending on theeconomy and that particular lendersbusiness a decision can be made toloosen or tighten how much credit theymake available so remember it's possibleto have a lower credit score and stillget approved for a credit card and it'salso possible to have a higher creditscore and not get approved for a newcredit card